Yale produces a great range of Narrow Aisle forklifts which could help to make the most of a companies storage density. Suitable for case picking and pallet handling, these very narrow aisle trucks could utilized in spaces of 16 feet to 55 feet. Yale features the NTA for high density warehousing that needs maximum throughput. These trucks are usually used to maximize effectiveness and enhance overall production. They work really well for locations that have floor to ceiling storage in retail and warehousing spaces.

NTA Productivity Enhancements
AC Motor Technology: The AC Motor Technology provides responsive directional changes, has smooth rapid acceleration and high starting torque.

CANbus Controller: The CANbus technology could lessen the electrical connections by 25 percent and wiring by 40%. This results in better reliability and better visibility through the mast.

Auto Deceleration System: This system could help decrease operator exhaustion, that in turn with promote improved production. This is done by eliminating the requirement to apply the service break manually.

Thermal Management System: This system is responsible for enabling the lift truck to operate a lot longer and cooler by being able to always monitor component temperature and adjust lift truck performance accordingly.

Smart-Glide Height Sensing System: The Smart-Glide Height Sensing System provides step-less speed control technology. It does this by optimizing maximum travel speed at various fork heights. This results in faster travel speeds, improved acceleration and therefore, increased overall productivity.

Quad & Tri Form Mast: The Tri and Quad Form Mast are a heavy and stiff mast which offers stability for the operator by minimizing deflection.

One Hundred Eighty Degree Rotating Turret Head: This rotating turret head enables the operator to easily service both sides of the aisle. This set-up makes the most of storage density.

Electronically Programmable Pantograph: The "double-biting" situation at pick up and deposit stations is eliminated. The variable stroke length is responsible for stopping this time-consuming process.

For every warehouse, it is vital to remember that their is no one-size fits all solution. Yale has engineered a range of truck modifications to meet the always varying needs of its customers and their changing tasks. Yale offers a large list of particular forklift enhancements to increase the warehouse production. These features are provided along with standard and optional truck features.

Yale provides lots of features which other company's consider to be "extra's" as standard features for their machinery. Keeping operators completely safe and comfortable are some of the key priorities of the company. Yale understands that if operators are both comfortable and safe, their output levels are greatly improved.

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