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Forklift Masts Springfield - Within Western New England, Springfield is the most populous city. Additionally, it is the seat of Hampden County, Massachusetts in the USA. Springfield is situated on the eastern bank of the Connecticut River, near its convergence with 3 rivers; the eastern Chicopee River, the eastern Mill River and the western Westfield River. The population of Springfield City was around 153,060, according to the 2010 Census. During 2009, Metropolitan Springfield, one of two metropolitan areas within the state, the other being Greater Boston, had an estimated population of 698,903. The City of Springfield is the largest city within Western New England.

The City of Springfield, Massachusetts is the very first city of Springfield in the New World. It is the economic, urban and cultural capital of Massachusetts' Connecticut River Valley, a region colloquially referred to as the Pioneer Valley. The City of Springfield is the third largest city within the state of Massachusetts and also the 4th largest in New England; after Providence, Boston and Worcester.

The City of Springfield has many nickname and is affectionately known as "the City of Firsts" because it has been home to many innovations. One more nickname is "the City of Homes" because of the beautiful Victorian residential architecture. Since basketball, the next most famous sport within the globe, was invented within the City of Springfield, it is also known as "Hoop City."

The capital of Connecticut, Hartford is just 23.9 miles or 38.5 km south of Springfield. The city sits along the western banks of the Connecticut River. Bradley International Airport is the one people of Springfield utilize. This airport is owned and operated by the Connecticut Department of Transportation. The airport is also called the Hartford-Springfield Airport because it lies equal distance between the two cities.

The region known as the Knowledge Corridor is the Hartford-Springfield area. This location hosts more than 160,000 university students. One can find over thirty-two liberal arts colleges and universities within this corridor, making it the 2nd highest concentration of higher learning institutions in the USA. Some of the famous institutions comprise Springfield Technical Community College, Western New England University, American International College, Springfield College and the University of Massachusetts Amherst's School of Urban Design, amongst many others.

Springfield is famous all around the globe as being the birthplace for basketball. James Naismith, a theology graduate, invented the sport in the year 1891, at the YMCA International Training School, now known as Springfield College. He invented the game to fill in the gap between the baseball and football seasons. The Mason Square district of Springfield is where the very first game of basketball ever played happened.

The main businesses in Springfield, in order by number of workers are Transportation and Trade; Health and Education Services, Manufacturing; Hospitality and Tourism; and finally, Government. Springfield is said to have a "mature economy." To some degree, this protects the City of Springfield during recessions and inhibits it somewhat. The city is said to have one of the top emerging multi-cultural markets in the USA. Springfield has a prominent 33 percent Latino population with buying power which has increased from the year 1990 to 2006 over 295%. During the last 2 decades, more than 60% of Hispanic Springfielders have arrived and presently call Springfield home.

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