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Forklift Masts Lansing - The city of Lansing is the 5th largest city in the state of Michigan. It serves a population of almost 115,000 inhabitants and is likewise the state capital. The city of Lansing is located within the Counties of Eaton and Ingham. The whole Lansing Metropolitan Area is referred to locally as "Mid-Michigan", a center for government, education, business and culture. The population of its Metropolitan Statistical Area is about 464,000.

The area's educational institutions comprise medical and nursing schools, a veterinary school, two law schools (including the Thomas M. Cooley Law School) and Michigan State University. Government institutions include the state capital, a federal court, the state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. The region is home to high-tech manufacturing and the headquarters of four national insurance companies.

The city of Lansing vied with Detroit to become the state capital in the year 1847. Lansing, that was a small community back then, was chosen partially due to its central location. By 1859, Lansing became incorporated as a city with a population of just a few thousand. As Lansing grew, a state capitol building was built and a railroad was built through the city. When Olds Motor Vehicle Company was founded in Lansing during the year 1897, the city's growth increased because it became a significant industrial center. Automotive manufacturing and other industries prospered. The city of Lansing has become more diversified in recent decades, with the expansion of manufacturing, government, healthcare, banking, insurance and education. The services sector is based mostly on healthcare.

There is a GM assembly plant operating plant within the city of Lansing, together with several other manufacturing facilities. Many residents are employed by government, biotechnology and information technology companies, and by national insurance companies: Jackson National Life, Auto-Owners Insurance, Michigan Millers Insurance Company and the Accident Fund.

The city of Lansing has a job-creation initiative referred to as Prima Civitas. Launched during 2006 by Michigan State University in collaboration with Lansing and East Lansing, it is designed to boost the area's technology industries.

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