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Forklift Masts Fresno - The city of Fresno, California is located in the state's central region. Presently, the city of Fresno maintains a population of over 510,000 based on 2010 census numbers. This places the city of Fresno as the biggest inland city within the state, whereas it is the 5th largest city within California and the 34th largest city in the country. Fresno is located 170 miles or 274 kms south of Sacramento, the state capital, and 200 miles or 322 kms north of Los Angeles. The population of Fresno is around 1,107,416. The name Fresno originated from the Spanish language word that translates to ash tree. Due to this, the flag of the city of Fresno features an ash leaf.

Currently, the city of Fresno is one of the 40 most heavily populated cities in the US. The city of Fresno has a rapidly growing metro area with an estimated population of 430,000 inhabitants. The $3 billion agriculture industry in Fresno County makes it the top county for agriculture within the nation. Among the main crops are cotton, lettuce, tomatoes and grapes. Fresno has over 250 crops. The economy is likewise supported by other industries such as glass and plastics, food processing, agricultural equipment and chemicals and computer software.

The city of Fresno is the economic center for the Central Valley of California State. The main economic factor in the area is agriculture that provides roughly 25% of the work in the area. It is projected that 1 in 3 jobs within the vicinity are agriculture related, making Fresno County among the most important agricultural counties in the United States. The most prominent crops are cattle, milk, turkeys, peaches, plums, grapes, tomatoes and cotton.

The main non-agricultural employment sectors are Government, Transportation and Utilities, Health Services and Education, Trade, Construction, Finance, Manufacturing, Leisure and Hospitality, Professional and Business Services and Construction.

Fresno's manufacturing sector is rather diverse providing numerous jobs within the areas of stone, farm machinery, metal products, glass products, transportation equipment, furniture and wood products. The agricultural irrigation and technology sectors offer lots of work. Other sectors comprise agricultural technology, advanced logistics and flexible food manufacturing. There are a lot of call centers likewise employing a part of the workforce.

There are various cultural attractions and facilities situated in the city, including the Fresno Ballet and the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra that are hosted the Saroyan Theatre. The theatre got its name from William Saroyan, a Fresno-born author and poet. The Fresno Grand Opera is another attraction along with a variety of music and dance productions and local theatre companies. The museums in the region include the Fresno Metropolitan Museum, the Fresno Art Museum, the African-American Museum and the Discovery Center. Each and every October, the city hosts the annual Blues Festival in the Tower District, situated under the well-known namesake water tower. Every springtime, the Conours D'Elegance is held at California State University within Fresno and this is the most anticipated antique auto show in the country.

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