Forklift Masts Joliet

Forklift Masts Joliet - Joliet is a city within the state of Illinois, situated some 64 km southwest of Chicago. The city is part of Kendall County and Will City and serves as the seat for Will County. Joliet has a population of roughly 147,500 and is amongst the fastest growing cities within the country. It is the fourth largest and fastest-growing city in the state of Illinois. Joliet is close enough to the Chicago metropolitan area that it is now referred to as an exurb of Chicago City.

The city was named after its founder, the French-Canadian explorer, Louis Joliet, who established the city of Joliet during the year 1673. The present version of Joliet was a planned community in Cook County. During the year 1836 it became the county seat of the newly-established Will County. During 1852 Joliet was incorporated as a city. During the year 1858, a state penitentiary was established in the city of Joliet. The area had an abundance of building stone, which made it a perfect location for the construction of a prison. By the year 1869, steel had become mainstay of the city, following the building of the Joliet steel mill. The mill attracted a huge number of workers along with other businesses. Together with other Midwestern cities that are dependent on manufacturing businesses, the city's economy declined during the 1970s and 1980s, with the unemployment rate as high as 25 percent in the early part of the 1980s. During the 1990s, the city of Joliet revitalized the City Center, promoted the tourism industry and established riverboat casinos.

The city features several arts and cultural activities in addition to a plethora of outdoor recreational facilities. Located on the Des Plaines River are the riverboat casinos known as the Harrah's Casino and the Empress Casino. These two casinos attract thousands of visitors each year. The Joliet Historical Museum and its Route 66 Welcome Center showcase the histories of those who settled the Joliet region. The city of Joliet boasts among the world's most beautiful theatres, The Rialto Square Theatre, known as the "Jewel of Joliet". The Chicagoland Speedway is a state-of-the-art facility, that hosts NASCAR and Indy Racing League events. Bicentennial Park is located along the scenic Des Plaines River, and has an indoor theatre and an outdoor bandshell.

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