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Forklift Masts Minot - Minot (population 45,000) is a city in the north central part of the State of North Dakota. Known as the "Magic City", Minot is noted for its rapid growth over a short period of time. The Minot Air Force Base is located north of Minot. The city is the 4th biggest city in North Dakota and the principal city of the Minot Micropolitan Statistical Area, including McHenry, Renville and Ward counties, with a population of around 69,540. Minot serves as the county seat of Ward County.

Minot is a commercial trading center for a lot of northern North Dakota, as well as the southern parts of the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Minot's history dates back to the construction of the Great Northern Railway during the year 1886. James J. Hill's Great Northern Railway had just completed constructing a difficult trestle across Gassman Coulee when winter came, ending the railway's push west until spring. A tent town sprung up at the site and within five months quickly grew to over 5,000 residents. The town was referred to as the Magic City since it seemed to materialize like magic. The township site belonged to homesteader Erik Ramstad, who became one of the city leaders and was named in honor of Henry D. Minot, a railroad investor. Minot was incorporated as a city in the year 1887.

Located just 21 km north of Minot is the Minot Air Force Base which provides numerous jobs for city residents. On average however, Minot households earn less than the national median household income. A significant minority of the city residents need to have more than one job to be able to make ends meet.

The company ING/ReliaStar has a large service center within the city. The company cited the exceptional caliber of citizens and workers in the city as part of their reasoning for expanding their local operations. In recent years, a boom in population and infrastructure investments have resulted from expanded oil drilling in the region utilizing the 'frac' extraction technique. A detailed log of daily oil activity could be found on the State of North Dakota web site.

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