Forklift Masts Oceanside

Forklift Masts Oceanside - Oceanside currently the third biggest city in San Diego County, with an estimated population of 183,095. Oceanside, Carlsbad and Vista together form a tri-city area. The busiest military base within the country, the Marine Corps Base Cape Pendleton, is found north of the city. In the year 1970, the population was just 45,000. The huge increase in population caused the area to mainly focus on building single family home tracts between the years 1970 and 1990. Ever since then, however, the city has started to concentrate on increasing commercial and industrial growth.

In Oceanside, there are several various industries and businesses that have built facilities here. The city provides incentive plans to help encourage development, for individuals wishing start up an industrial, an office-type or a commercial venture. Additionally, the property tax is amongst the lowest within the county. Amongst the largest sectors is the manufacturing of recreational and sporting machines. What's more, biotech and medtech companies are emerging and doing very well. Agriculture is very vital to the San Diego County area and thrives in the beautiful weather conditions. Citrus fruits, flowers, avocados, nursery stock, and tomatoes all grow very well here.

Oceanside is in a perfect location to raise a family or to build a business. It can maintain its natural beauty while still being very accessible to other major cities including San Diego, which is thirty five miles south of the city, and Los Angeles, that is 83 miles north. There is an abundance of land existing for a sensible price and a lot of resources left untapped.

Amongst the main highways, the Interstate 5, runs through the city. Highway 76 (that runs northeast) and Highway 78 (that runs southeast) both lead to Interstate 15.

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