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Forklift Masts Florida - The state of Florida is situated in southeastern United States. Florida sits between the shorelines of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the only state to border both the Atlantic and the Gulf. The states of Alabama and Georgia lie toward the north. Florida State is the fourth most inhabited state in the US with a projected population of roughly 18 million. The state capital is Tallahassee. Jacksonville is the biggest city.

The state of Florida is mostly a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Straits of Florida, a region subject to damaging hurricanes. At 1,350 miles long, the coastline of Florida is the longest within the contiguous United States. The kind of weather is tropical within the south and subtropical in the north. The Florida Everglades is amongst the most well-known national parks within the world, inhabited by creatures like the manatee, the Florida panther and the American alligator.

Tourism is the most essential sector of the state economy. In 2011, Florida was the top U.S. destination state. Around 60 million tourists travel here every year in order to bask in the hot weather, enjoy the exceptional beaches and visit world-famous amusement parks, such as the Walt Disney World Resort. Mostly in the Orlando area, amusement parks are an essential part of the tourism industry. The Walt Disney Resort alone comprises over 20 hotels and four theme parks. Universal Orlando Resort is another major attraction, as well as Busch Gardens and SeaWorld.

Agriculture is the next most essential industry within Florida State. Before, the economy of Florida was based upon cattle farming and the production of citrus, sugarcane, tomatoes and strawberries. During the year 2006, 67% of all citrus fruits grown within the United States were grown in Florida State. Most oranges produced commercially in the state are destined for processing. Florida State likewise produces much more green bean and sweet corn compared to any other state. An important area for agriculture is the The Everglades Agricultural Area.

The third largest business within Florida was phosphate mining. Mined within the Bone Valley, Phosphate provides roughly 25% of world's supply. Nearly all of the phosphate needed by farmers in the US is mined in Florida. Phosphate is used primarily as fertilizer. 5% of phosphate production is utilized for other products and 5% is utilized for livestock feed supplements.

One more essential sector of the economy is the United States Military. Florida State has 24 military bases with Unified Combatant Commands in Doral and Tampa. The roughly 109,390 military employees currently stationed within Florida contribute around $52 billion yearly to the economy of the state.

The high concentration of retired inhabitants within Florida State is considered to be an asset to the economy of the state as older folks flock to Florida during their golden years. Commercial fishing and sports fishing contribute about $6 billion per year to the state economy.

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