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Forklift Masts Wisconsin - Wisconsin is a U.S. state located within the north-central United States and is considered part of the Midwest. It is bounded by the state of Minnesota to the west, the state of Iowa to the southwest, Illinois towards the south, Lake Michigan to the east, the state of Michigan towards the northeast, and Lake Superior to the north. Madison is the state capital of Wisconsin, and Milwaukee is its largest city. As of 2010, the 72 counties of the state have a total of 5,686,986 inhabitants.

During 2010, the state's gross state product was $248.3 billion, ranking it 21st amongst U.S. states. The per capita personal income was $35,239 in 2008. Wisconsin's economy is driven by agriculture, health care and manufacturing. Even though manufacturing is responsible for a far greater part of Wisconsin's income than farming, the state of Wisconsin is often perceived as a farming state.

During October 2010, the largest employers within Wisconsin were: Wal-Mart, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Milwaukee Public Schools, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Menards, US Postal Service, Marshfield Clinic, Aurora Health Care City of Milwaukee and Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.


Wisconsin produces approximately a quarter of the country's cheese, leading the country in production of Cheese. It is 2nd in milk production, following California, and 3rd in per-capita milk production, behind Idaho and Vermont. The state of Wisconsin is 2nd in butter production, producing roughly 25 percent of the country's butter. The state places first nationally in the production of corn for silage, cranberries ginseng, and snap beans for processing. It grows over half the national crop of cranberries and 97% of the country's ginseng. The state of Wisconsin is also a top producer of oats, potatoes, tart cherries, carrots, sweet corn for processing and maple syrup. The significance of Wisconsin's agricultural production is exemplified by the depiction of a Holstein cow, an ear of corn, and a wheel of cheese on Wisconsin's 50 State Quarters design.

Commercial food processing is a big part of Wisconsin's manufacturing sectors, including brands like Oscar Mayer, Johnsonville brats, Usinger's suasages and Tombstone frozen pizza. Kraft Foods alone employs over 5,000 individuals in the state. Milwaukee is a key producer of beer and was formerly headquarters for Miller Brewing Company, the second biggest brewer in the nation, until it merged along with Coors Brewing Company. Formerly, Schlitz, Blatz, and Pabst were cornerstone breweries within Milwaukee.

Tourism is likewise a major trade in Wisconsin, with numerous tourist spots like the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, the House on the Rock near Spring Green and The Wisconsin Dells also attracts thousands of tourists each and every year, and festivals such as the EAA Oshkosh Airshow and the Summerfest draw global attention, along with hundreds of thousands of tourists. Additionally, the large number of lakes and rivers in the state has allowed water recreation to become very popular.

Door Peninsula is a distinctive peninsula which extends off the eastern coast of the state of Wisconsin and contains Door County, that is among the state's tourist spots. This County is a great boater spot, with a huge number of natural harbors, bays and ports.

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