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Forklift Masts Bridgeport - Bridgeport, Connecticut is the most populous city in the state. Located within the County of Fairfield, the city presently supports a population of roughly 145,000, according to 2010 statistics. The city of Bridgeport makes up the core of the Greater Bridgeport area. The city is the 5th biggest city within New England and is part of the Greater New York City Combined Statistical Area. The city of Bridgeport ranks as the 41st biggest urban area within the United States.

The city of Bridgeport was home circus-promoter P.T. Barnum, who likewise served a term as mayor of the town. He has built 3 homes within the city of Bridgeport and during the winter months, houses his circus in town.

Other than parts of Brooklawn and Black Rock, which were initially part of the Fairfield Township, Bridgeport was originally a member of the Stratford Town. Somewhere between 1639 and 1665, the very first English settlement on the west bank of the mouth of the Pequonnock River was established. This settlement was known as Pequonnock. Sometime prior to 1777, the village was renamed Newfield. Because more people settled towards the West and further inland, the region officially became called Stratfield during the year 1701. It is speculated that this name originated from its spot between the existing townships of Stratford and Fairfield.

The city of Bridgeport was a center of privateering in the American Revolution. During the year 1800, the village of Newfield was chartered as a borough of the city of Bridgeport. The township of Bridgeport and parts of Stratfield became integrated during the year 1821. During 1836, Bridgeport was finally chartered as a city.

The Frisbie Pie Company makes their home in Bridgeport. Some have even argued that the city is truly the birthplace of the Frisbee. The first Subway Restaurant was opened within the North End part of the city of Bridgeport in the year 1965.

Trade and manufacturing has long been the core of the city's economy, however service-producing sectors, particularly business and health services have likewise become significant factors for the local economy. Bridgeport is trying to expand its manufacturing sector into the international marketplace. In addition, the city of Bridgeport is regarded as among the most prominent financial centers in New England.

Production within the city of Bridgeport consists of a variety of goods, like for example machinery, electrical supplies, machine tools, fabricated metals, and transportation equipment. The port in the city helps with the region's wholesale and retail trade. Bridgeport is also conveniently situated at the crossroads of major highways as well as being a prominent railroad center. There are numerous Fortune 500 Companies situated within the county.

Many new job opportunities arise for workers through the Bridgeport Economic Resource Center. The majority of the new jobs occur in retail companies and restaurants. The center also focuses with businesses to utilize different workforce development programs. A lot of services are provided by the Bridgeport Regional Business Council like for instance training programs, education, management and technical assist and loan packaging assistance. Additionally, the Connecticut Department of Labor provides on the job training assistance and employment grants.

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